offers you the possibility to escape from the urban life and harbour in the nature and the local life of the Bulgarian people.

In the heart of a Bulgarian village you will enjoy the beauty of the architecture from remote centuries, the fascinating colours of the traditional objects, the warm atmosphere of the Bulgarian family, the popular traditions, the music, the folkloric songs and dances.

offers you the possibilities of the traditional house stay where you can integrate quickly in the local life; get closer to the everyday living of the Bulgarian people, make some traditional objects from clay with your own hands; knit a rug or cloth with traditional materials and designs; learn about the process of fermentation of the original Bulgarian yogurt; help in the housework and some activities related to agriculture and stockbreeding; join the popular festivities and integrate with the local people. Your stay in this hospitable house will give you the opportunity to enjoy the traditional homemade food of the region, prepared with organic products from the garden, and also taste the wines and the varieties of Bulgarian rakia /brandy/.

The cultural heritage of the Thracians, Slavs and Proto-Bulgars are reflected in the creation of a big variety of traditions and folkloric rites that stand out with its combination of Christian and pagan elements.

With RIVAS TOUR you can enjoy unforgettable celebratory festivities among those most respected by the Bulgarian population in its traditional atmosphere, participate in the traditional rites for Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year, Yordanovden/ Saint Jordan’s Day/, Ivanovden /Saint Ivan’s Day/, Festival of Roses /the rose is one of the symbols of the country/, Gergiovden /Saint George’s Day/, Tsvetnitsa /Palm Sunday/, Velikden, etc., and learn about the symbolism of the rituals with pagan origin such as the carnival of Kukeri, the tradition of Lazaruvane and Nestinarstvo, when people walk barefoot over the ember.

In addition to learning about people’s daily life, RIVAS TOUR offers you to combine your stay with some typical activities for ecotourism, so you can make a direct contact with the marvellous Bulgarian nature. You will see the most impressive natural phenomena of the region where you decide to stay for your holidays, such as for example Belogradchik, The Wonderful bridges, The Rila’s Lakes, The Cascade “Raiskoto praskalo”, Trigrad’s Canyon, The Yagodinska, Ledenika, Magura, Diavolskoto garlo /Evil’s throat/, Bacho Kiro, Saeva dupka caves and others. You will also have the chance to walk the ecoroutes of Drianovo, Ribaritsa, Teteven, Vratsa, etc.

RIVAS TOUR offers you accommodation from different categories in the regions of your choice, such as for example: Ribaritsa, Apriltsi, Bozhentsi, Momchilovtsi, Koprivshtitsa, Leshten, etc.