Thracian culture: a glorious civilization

Well-deserved, Bulgaria is called “cradle of the European civilization”, not only because it is the oldest country. The Bulgarian lands were populated since the most remote times, but its importance at a cultural level began since the Thracian period.

With RIVAS TOUR you can visit some of the most impressive temples, barrows and Thracian tombs, such as the Sveshtari, Kazanlak, Shipka, Starosel, Silistra, Ravnogor, etc., which fascinate its visitors with its rich decoration; the mythic town of Perpericon, which at its time possessed equal o superior importance than Troy or Mikena in its period; to see the expositions of Thracian gold such as the treasures of the Valchi Tran, Panagiurishte and others from silver and bronze, which are part of the world historical and cultural heritage.