offers you the possibility to take advantage of the curative mineral waters that Bulgaria is worldwide famous for. The Serdica /the ancient name of Sofia/ foundation is related to thermal spring water sources. Byzantine emperors would come and receive treatments in the town of Augusta, nowadays called Hisar.

You can enjoy more than 600 natural mineral spring water sources and 370 sounding ones. Some of them have the same mineral composition of water as it is in the most famous thermal centres in the world such as Baden-Baden and Vichy. The combination of an appropriate climate, thermal water and precious nature make the Bulgarian health resorts an interesting place for your holidays, where you can combine the curative activities with perfect relaxation.

In the health resorts located in the mountain or semi mountain areas like in Bankia, Hisar (kidney and gastro-intestinal problems), Sandanski (pulmonar diseases), Chiflik, Shipkovo, Velingrad, etc., or in the coast, like in Albena, Rusalka, Pomorie (mud therapy), Balchik, etc., the spa therapy is combined with a climate therapy. This way you will have the chance to undergo different specialized treatment programs like talasotherapy, classical, traditional o water massage, heliotherapy, reflex therapy, aromatherapy, phitotherapy, antistress treatments, diets, sauna, solarium, fitness, etc.

RIVAS TOUR works with the spa centres and offers you the possibility to choose among different categories.