The Bulgarian language is a part of the family of the Slav languages. Nowadays Slav languages are spoken from more than 250 million of people in Central and Eastern Europe, in all the Balkan Peninsula and the North of Asia. The Bulgarian people were the first to use the Cyrillic alphabet after it was created and spread by the masters Cyril and Methodius and their five students: Kliment Ohridski (from Ohrid), Naoum, Angelarius, Gorazd and Sava. The Cyrillic alphabet is a mixture between Greek and Latin, and were added also some necessary characters to introduce those sounds that did not have its correspondent. From Bulgaria, which became cultural centre of the Slav nations during the medieval period, this alphabet was spread over the neighbouring countries like Serbia and other Slav countries like the Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian. The Cyrillic alphabet, in its different varieties, is used in several languages.